Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tomorrow, is tomorrow, is tomorrow.....

So today has been..... a waste of a day to say the least. I tried to record Skyrim twice today, only one of those attempts was vaguely OK but I just wasn't with it whilst recording it. I'm thinking of scrapping the Skyrim playthrough. It's old news and I don't think anyone will watch them anymore.

On two up notes, I purchased anti-chamber and I am thinking of jumping into that asap as it looks amazing. Really it does. Those puzzles just look great and they look like something I've really needed for a long time. It's great to see Indie developers creating great content that is completely innovative and fresh. Too much stuff now a days feels like a copy, paste and re skin job that people are trying to do in order to make a quick buck really. It's sad.

The other up note (Wow, I went on a rant) I have, and have set aside the money for Dead Space 3 which comes out 3 DAYS AFTER AMERICA!!!! AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!! I hate that these things get released even a few days before us. Everyone else gets a head start on the audience and I'll just be there trying to get something but I probably will get nigh on nothing. Either way, I will get Holly working on a new Thumbnail for my gameplay of that. I really do hope I can get something nice from Dead Space 3, I'm getting a little down on my channel getting no attention. I do love playing games but it just feels like things are slowing down......

Anyway, you know, have yourselves a nice day guys :)

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