Friday, 1 February 2013

Things Are Coming Up Connor

So as of recently things have really started to look up in my life and I'm really starting to get really happy.

Firstly, I've managed to get adsense finally sorted on my Youtube account. I may only be making a few pennies at a time but it's nice to see it ticking over. I'm getting more content up and my channel is growing. Slowly but surely is always good. I don't expect anything amazing or overly fantastic to come of my account but I love what comes of it no matter what and at this rate I am very pleased with how it is doing and  never could have imagined this.

Secondly, maths. I have been hating it for the best part of a year but now I'm really starting to understand everything and I'm getting on top of it all. I couldn't ask for it to be going any more smoothly. I don't want to get an A* or anything but I think I'm in good standing for a very decent grade at this end of this all.

And lastly, drama. Drama I do love you so and I just an hour or so ago found out that I have a place at Manchester Metropolitan University. So I obviously have some acting ability so I am going to go and try my damn hardest at each and every other University that I apply to, Scotland, London, Wales HERE I COME!

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